Discipline Record: March

Over the course of the season we’ll keep tabs on the yellow and red card situation for both Brisbane and the rest of the league. It all adds up to the ‘Fair play Award’ on the A-League’s annual awards night, and Brisbane Roar won both the A-League and Youth League fair play award. In fact Brisbane have won the award for four successive seasons, and five times in six years all up.

For those unaware of how the points are tallied up- here’s a reminder:
Yellow Card – 1 point
2nd Caution Red Card – 2 points
Direct Red Card – 3 points

Over the past month, two of the three catch-up games in the competition have been played, with the two games postponed due to the Wanderers Club World Cup campaign -R10- Wanderers vs. City and R11-Roar vs. Wanderers- being caught up.

The only game left to be caught up is the R18 game between Brisbane Roar and Melbourne Victory, a game which was postponed due to the threat of TC Marcia in late February. With that in mind here’s how the table sits currently, with a month of the season to be played.


Central Coast’s twelve cautions in the last month has seemingly removed them from the equation in terms of winning the competition, while Perth’s ill-disciplined display against Melbourne Victory which saw them picking up 7 yellows and a red has seen them move towards the foot of the table.

At the top it’s become a two way contest between Wellington and Brisbane (unless Victory win due to being the only team without a red card), with the Phoenix in the box seat due to 1 less red card, while the Roar have an extra game to play.


So far this season North and Brattan have served a suspension for accumulating five yellow cards, while Corey Brown figures to be the only player to be walking the suspension tightrope through the final five games of this season.

In Asia, were at the halfway mark with three important games to be played to determine if Brisbane can get to the last 16. In the group stage, any player who picks up two cautions would receive an automatic one match ban. Those cards do get wiped at some stage of the competition, although im not sure if that’s after the group stage or the round of 16.


This is the final update of the season, with the results of the A-League fair play award to be announced at the A-League awards night in the build up to the Grand Final.


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