Five things on John Aloisi’ to do list

Now that Brisbane have a new manager, the work to get the team back to  the top of the competition can really begin, and there’s plenty of work to do. Here’ just five things on a list just a couple of things that should be on his to do list.

1) The biggest ting John will need to work through is the dynamic of his working environment. It was stated in the press release that Aloisi would have total control of the football department, however there are conflicting reports that Frans Thijssen will be retained as a Technical Director. Working out who is in control of what should be the first thing on his to do list to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction, assuming it hasn’t been sorted out already. It was a breakdown of this relationship which ultimately cost Mike Mulvey his job.

2) Once that is sorted out, John will need to sort out his coaching staff for the new season. The outgoing Frans Thijssen had Ken Stead, Jeff Hopkins and Rado Vidosic as assistants during his tenure, however Stead has since departed and the other two are reported to be out of contract. Decisions may also need to be made on goalkeeping coach Jason Kearton and the remainder of the support staff. Id like to see Rado remain as an Assistant with Hopkins also retained either in the first team or back with the youth side, but that should be up to the new man who may want to bring in someone he’s familiar with.

3) The next thing on the list he’ll need to get his head across is the talent that exists on the books here at Brisbane, and no doubt there’s plenty to work with. With the likes of Theo, Polenz, Donachie, Brattan, McKay, Broich, Henrique and possibly Kaluderovic now at his disposal, on paper at least he’s got a far more talented group than he did at Heart. For his tenure to be a success however, he’ll need to look beyond those established names.

4) The end of the season just gone showed that the talent here in Brisbane runs much deeper than just the first XV, with a host of youngsters all showing their potential against Melbourne and Newcastle. Given his previous work with Heart and Victory in a youth capacity, im expecting him to bring through and nurture youngsters like Lachlan Jackson, Luke Pavlou, Devante Clut, Shannon Brady, Patrick Theodore, Abrahim Yango and Brandon Borrello, amongst others.

5) Finally on his list of priorities is strengthening the squad. A lot of work was done in January with Kaluderovic, Polenz and DeVere arriving, but more is needed in order to return to the top of the league. He’ll need to make decisions regarding the aforementioned Serbian striker, as well as veteran club man Shane Stefanutto, while also bringing in 1-2 players to shore up the side experience and quality wise. His recruitment was more miss than hit in his time at the Heart, and it’s critical he gets it right this time around, because he may not have a lot of room to move with 18 senior players currently locked in for next year.

There’s probably a bunch of obvious stuff im overlooking like relocation and settling down in a new city ect, but once he’s here those should be high on his list of priorities. Plenty of work to be done for the new man, and high expectations given the recent success.



3 Comments on “Five things on John Aloisi’ to do list”

  1. Chopper says:

    I think John Sime was in charge of the youth team however be that as it may his biggest job is to trim the deadwood from the squad to allow for quality newcomers and to allow the clubs youth to progress. I just hope he does not bring cast offs from Melbourne here.

    • Scott says:

      Correct. Sime took over the NYL side after they elevated Hopkins to the first team as an assistant.

      Few players have been confirmed as departing today so the overhaul of the squad has began.

  2. Irene Boyd says:

    One important thing John must do is to shake hands with any player who is being replaced on the field of play – during his time with Melbourne Heart, John just stood there with his hands in his pockets – respect to the players I say!!

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