A-League marquee rules set to change

All class ( Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images AsiaPac)

All class ( Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images AsiaPac)

A-Leagues clubs will soon have more flexibility in building their squad, with the FFA set to makes changes to the marquee player system for the upcoming A-League season.

Currently teams are permitted one marquee player from anywhere in the world, in addition to a second marquee player who must be Australian, however that rule is set to change with the system set to be changed to allow clubs to sign two marquee players from anywhere in the world.

That means that clubs who wish to spend beyond the salary cap will now be able to bring in two high priced visa players, which the league hopes will bring more star players to the A-League in the years to come.

In the immediate future, this has no impact on the Roar, who already have their two marquee players signed for this season in Thomas Broich and Matt McKay – plus the owners have vowed not to spend another dollar on the club-.

The rule change is a good -and overdue- one, with very few Australian players currently of marquee stature, I just cant help wondering what would have been if this rule had come in 12 months ago and if it was; would Besart Berisha still be a Brisbane player?


One Comment on “A-League marquee rules set to change”

  1. brisman says:

    Won’t make much difference if the club no longer exists.

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