Cobb gone, but what’s next

Daniel Cobb is no longer associated with Brisbane Roar football club. The former Managing Director was sacked –or he quit- this morning following the drama of the last 48 hours at Brisbane Roar.

Following this weeks meeting with the FFA when Cobb blamed the late payment of wages on a lack of funding from the owners, Cobb made a final take it or leave it offer for purchase of the of the licence last night. The offer was rejected, and a statement this morning confirmed his departure.

Appointed June 10th, Cobb failed to bring the stability and leadership it was expected he would when appointed, spending the majority of his two months in charge in Europe partnership deals with European clubs.

One of the big criticisms of Cobb’s tenure with the Roar was a lack of communication with staff and supporters alike. Over the weeks there were multiple stories of frustration within the Football Department over a lack of direction, while for supporters there was little more than a cliché filled introductory email to point to.

Those overseas trips and arguments with the Football Department lead to the slow delivery on important club business, with player recruitment suffering due to a lack of direction. Meanwhile in off field matters, the clubs membership drive was left far too late with it only launched last week and receiving limited interest to date.

Those incidents lead the clubs ownership to launch an investigation into the running of the club just last week, with the final straw earlier this week when Cobb publically blamed the clubs owners for the latest dramas.

There’s plenty of blame to go around in relation to this latest mess, but the attempts of Daniel Cobb to absolve himself from such responsibility in recent days has been particularly laughable.

Blame should also be levelled at both the Bakrie Group and the FFA for allowing a person with previous bad experiences within the game on a sponsorship level to be allowed to run a club on a day to day basis.

Cobb however is now a matter of the past, so the real question here is what happens next? Does the Bakrie Group want to keep hold of the licence, or are they going to depart the scene? Either way the onus is now on the Bakrie Group to announce those plans and to follow through on them.

Reports emerged earlier today that should the Bakrie Group finally be prepared to let the club go, a local group of investors was preparing a bid. The group is lead by Robert Cavalucci, a former State MP and member of the advisory board put in place by former Roar CEO David Pourre.

It’s unknown wether Pourre, or fellow member of the advisory board Alicia Ferguson are apart of the consortium in any way, but it was revealed Thursday that the committee was dismissed by Cobb early in his tenure.

Cobbs replacement, Mark Kingsman has wasted little time in attempting to stabilise the club with the long deal to move back to Ballymore for training purposes set to finally be sealed tomorrow.

That will allow the first team squad to ditch their Griffith University training base which isn’t suitable for a professional team and return to the place they called home from 2008 through 2015.

Kingsman, the CEO of East Coast Car Rentals would continue in that role and confirmed that the Roar would eventually appoint a Chief Executive of their own in the coming weeks.

Kingsman meanwhile will operate as the Managing Director of the Roar, with a Chief Financial Officer from Indonesia set to be appointed in the coming days.

In his first public statements as Brisbane’s MD, Kingsman said to the Courier Mail that he wanted the Roar to be better in all aspects.

“I read somewhere that somebody said it was business as usual, but I don’t want business as usual, because usual’s not been very good. We need to be better in every area. And we can be.”

“Ultimately we need to get this club into a position where we’re not going back to the owners asking for more money. We’ve got to get into a position where the club is self-sufficient.”

Those words are positive, but at this point it’s going to take actions as opposed to words for people to begin to regain faith in the Roar given the events of the past 18 months.

Hopefully the ownership group provides Kingsman with the resources required to return the stability to the Roar, because it’s long overdue.


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