2016-17 Disciplinary Record- February

Over the course of the season we’ll keep tabs on the yellow and red cards handed out each week across the A-League. It all adds up to the Fair play Award on the A-League’s annual awards night, an award which was won last season by Brisbane Roar.

While the fair play award is far from the most important trophy on offer in the A-League, it’s vital to have all of your players fit and available for the big games towards the end of the season and ill-discipline could prove to be crucial if players miss big games at the business end of the season.

Brisbane Roar have been the most successful disciplined side over the 11 year history of the A-League, winning the award on six occasions including four straight from 2010-11 through 2013-14. Other winners include Melbourne Victory, Perth Glory, Newcastle Jets and Sydney FC.

The full list of winners is below.
2005-06- Melbourne Victory
2006-07- Perth Glory
2007-08- Newcastle Jets
2008-09- Brisbane Roar
2009-10- Sydney FC
2010-11- Brisbane Roar
2011-12- Brisbane Roar
2012-13- Brisbane Roar
2013-14- Brisbane Roar
2014-15- Wellington Phoenix
2015-16- Brisbane Roar

For those unaware, the award is decided on a points system, with points accrued for Yellow Cards, Second Yellow Cards and Straight Red Cards.

Here’s a breakdown on how the points system works
1 Point- Yellow Card
2 Points- Second Yellow Card
3 Points- Red Card

All data in this series is collated from the official match reports posted on the A-League website.

A-League Disciplinary Table


Starting with the league wide table and there’s been a change at the top with Newcastle Jets moving from second to first, while six time winner Brisbane Roar have gone from fifth to second over the last month. Melbourne Victory, who lead the table at the end of 2016, now find themselves down in sixth place. There is however just six points between the top four, so the battle for the most disciplined side of the season will go down to the wire.

Victory’s drop from the top spot is down to the fact that they’ve had the worst run of discipline over the last month, with 17 yellow cards and 2 reds –one rescinded- for a total of 20 points. Meanwhile Brisbane Roar have been the most disciplined side of the past month, with just the 8 yellow cards over the past five rounds to close the gap on the Jets.

Individual disciplinary table


Moving on to the individual table and the list of players to get a mandatory one match ban for five yellow cards over the past month has grown to 17 players. There are a further 24 players who are still walking the tightrope, with a further yellow card in the next three rounds resulting in a ban. The threshold goes up to 8 yellow cards at the conclusion of round 20.

So far there have been 377 yellow cards handed out across the season so far, for an average of 4.4 per game which is almost identical to the January 2016 mark, and the last update back in early January.

Referees Table

Since the last update there hasn’t been any new referees added to the rotation so the same 12 referees remain, with Chris Beath still the most commonly used official this season having refereed 15 games in the first 17 rounds. Matthew Conger is the least commonly used referee with just the 3 appointments so far.



With the 2016-17 W-League season concluding at the weekend we have the final tally for the W-League disciplinary record, and Adelaide United have emerged at  the top of the table.

The Lady Reds picked up just the seven yellow cards over the course of the season, with Melbourne City and Newcastle rounding out the top three. Sydney FC finished bottom of the disciplinary table and were the only side to have multiple red cards over the season.

The next update will be at the end of round 21.


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