Brisbane Roar kits, a history of- Picture Special.

With the announcement of  friday that the new Brisbane Roar kit River Tce adj. to The Cliffs Cafe) 11.30am tonmrow, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at the previous Queensland/Brisbane Roar kits in the A-League, aswell as special 1 off kits for the Roar against Racism ect. There wont be alot of words added to this post as theres no point in describing a kit with a picture right above it.

Season 1 Kits

The season 1 kit was  very simple and for mine it wasnt a bad kit. The home kit was probably a bit too bright for mine and the maroon socks didnt really work but the away kit was simple, effective and probably one of my favourite kits of all time.


Season 2 kits.

Season 2 kits- with new sponsors

 The season 2 kits were a repeat of the season 1 kit, with the only change being the goalkeeping kit going from black to predominatly maroon. These kits however didnt last the entire season, as a new set of kits was introduced around Christmas time, this time featuring a new front of jersey sponsor.

Season 3 kits.

Season 3 saw Reebok provide a new template for A-League kits, and imo this vintage wasnt as good a kit as the previous one. The white lines on the collar and down the sides look horrible imo and I just dont think that the Orange and Maroon combination works, certainly not in this case anyway. The goalkeeper kits this season also have 2 variants with a green and maroon option avaliable depending on colour clashes. The away kit is more of less the same as the orignal away kit and is sharp, simple and classy imo. This was also the last time the club started the season without a front of shirt sponsor with the new sponsor on the shirt remaining on the shirt to this day.

Season 4 kits

The season 4 kit is much the same as the season prior with the only discernible differencce being the front of shirt sponsorship. Yes it is the same sponsor, however in this years kit there isnt a big black box around the sponsorship and imo this version of the kit was a better one than the previous years. This was the 1st kit where the season started with a front of shirt sponsor.

Season 5 kits

Season 5 saw reebok continue their tradition of providing new kit templates every 2nd year, and this particular Brisbane Roar kit is my favourite for a host of reasons but its simple, sharp and clean which imo is how a football kit should be. Once again the keeper kits had a slight tweak with the design going back to a black keeper kit, and a maroon alternate kit.

Season 6 kits


The season 6 kits were more of less exactly the same as the previous seasons, with only the alternate goalkeeping jersey switching from a maroon to grey, perhaps Theo isnt a fan of a maroon strip (although he did wear that pink shirt for the breast cancer game).

Roar against Racism kits

In addition to the annual kits, the club have also used special 1 off kits for the annual Queensland Roars Against Racism match which was sponsored by the Queensland government. In the early years of the charity cup there were special one off kits as shown above highlighting the sponsor of the match, in the latter years the team just wore their shirt for the upcoming A-League season.

Finally here are 3 other kits used by the club, the 1st of which is the special edition 2022 world cup bid ‘come play’ jerseys worn by the entire competition one weekend, and were auctioned off for charity. The second is ofcourse the W-League kit from last season, as made by hummel, and looks to be a nice clean tidy kit aswell, not sure about the arrows on the kit though. Not sure if tommrow the W-League kit will be revealed aswell, but it looks as if they will also be under the Puma banner based on the training kit photos released a few weeks ago. Finally we all know thats the new training kit, and perhaps its a sign of what we can expect to see tommrow? Either way I am looking foward to seeing this new kit, hopefully one of us here will be able to get away from work to get to the launch, but either way we’ll bring you pictures of the kit and the launch tommrow.


New kit supplier and 1st look at training kits.

Well, the worst kept secret of the off season has become known, Puma and Brisbane Roar have entered into an agreement for the supply of training and playing kits for the next 3 seasons. Anyway heres some photos of both the A-League and W-League teams training kits.